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Specializing in Custom Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings

Experience the ultimate dream. Your wish awaits you! Wedding rings, engagement rings, anniversary rings. Email us to design your individual jewelry piece.

Work with world famous jewelry designer and his team to bring your dreams to life. Customizing your special engagement rings and wedding rings using a design that is especially made for you. Surrounding the vortex of love and meditation we will translate your idea into a keepsake that is designed to last for a lifetime. How this works to design a drawing and possible refurbishing of your grandmother's ring which is in your drawer. We will use your existing pieces and melt to something which turns into infinity for a lifetime. For inquiries email us at info@trinityalpspaxdesigns.com.

Preparing custom engagement rings and wedding rings for the celebration of union. Jewelry designer, David Whipple, prepares and develops a conceptual design concept just for you, so that your special day will last a lifetime. Email us at info@trinityalpspaxdesigns.com to receive your conceptual design quote.

“The North Star” wedding set.

Wedding Bands for your perfect Bride and Groom!

24kt. Gold Ring containing 2 .60ct. ancient hand cut diamonds and also .65cts. of Small Diamonds and one Burmese Ruby


Thomas Fire Restoration

After so many of us experienced one of the most devastating fires that California's modern history has ever endured, it is a wonder that one may have resolve through the option of having house or rental insurance and some one like my husband to create a miracle of restoration. Please email us if you have jewelry that you might think was lost, yet now found again. info@trinityalpspaxdesigns.com

Crosses, Earrings, Pendants, Turquoise. Restored Jewelry Pieces from the Thomas Fire from Southern California.

Crosses, Earrings, Pendants, Turquoise. Restored Jewelry Pieces from the Thomas Fire from Southern California. 


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